Souvenirs d'un autre monde

Prophecy Productions · PRO 090 · CD, Album, Ltd · 2007 · Germany

If anybody would have told Burzum that it would have been written music inspired in equal measure from both his and Ride's works, so to say, chances are that he would have laughed about it, or even he would have slaughtered you. Talking about blackgaze in 2014 is totally normal, because in the middle 2000s a guy named Stéphane Paul (also known in the scene as Neige) gets tired of playing canonical black metal, and proposes then an hybrid with gaze hues, more or less like if Pale Saints would sing in roars.

Outcome was remarkable, and such formula was followed by many others (Deafheaven, Austere, Woods of Desolation…), even by himself as Amesoeurs, who have post-punk as another clear inspiration source.